iPayAirtime for Business

Get listed on iPayAirtime as a merchant and let your customers pay for your products with airtime.
As a Business, you are also able to generate product pages (PayLink) which allow your customers to pay for your specific products directly with airtime. See more on PayLink here

How do You Receive Payments

Once your customer completes the payment, you will receive a SMS/Email notification and the amount will be automatically deposited to your wallet in 6 hours which you can withdraw directly to your bank account. Airtime deposit is processed automatically in 6 hours. Please check our deposit fee here

How to Become a Business User

You need to upgrade to business user;
  • A non-refundable verification fee of ₦1,500.
  • Complete the business request application form here
  • Submit a valid identification card e.g. National ID, International Passport or Driver's Licence
  • Your BVN (Verification of true identity)
Your account will be upgraded after verification within 24-48 hours.
Take your business to the next level, apply for a Business account here