Accept Airtime as Payment

Are you losing customers because of complex online payment solutions?
Do you want to accept payment for low-priced products?

Let your customers pay for your products and services with airtime using an ordinary link (PayLink) .
This is the simplest micro payment solution for business owners.

You can generate your product link (PayLink) for your product and share it with your customers on Facebook, Whatsapp etc.
With PayLink, your customers can pay as low as ₦100 and ₦5,000 with their airtime.
See sample Pay link; You can click it!

How to Generate a Pay Link for Your Product

  1. Log in to your account on This service is exclusive to business users.
  2. Click the 'Products Menu' then add the details; Product name, Description, Price etc
  3. Click Save.
Your product link is generated instantly and you can share it with your customers immediately.

How do You Receive Payments

Once your customer completes the payment, you will receive a SMS/Email notification and the amount will be automatically deposited to your wallet in 24 hours which you can withdraw directly to your bank account. Please check our deposit fee here

How to Become a Business User

You need to upgrade to business user;
  • No registration fee required.
  • Complete the business request application form here
  • Submit a valid identification card e.g. National ID, International Passport or Driver's Licence
  • Your BVN (Verification of true identity)
Your account will be upgraded after verification within 24-48 hours.
Take your business to the next level, apply for a Business account here