Chukwu Joseph, 23-02-2019

Muhammed Lawan Saleh, 22-02-2019
Very excited

Muhammad Bello Adamu, 21-02-2019
I have used other platforms but your platform and the services you offer is the best of all.

Favour Oniyeburutan, 20-02-2019
i love the service here😊

Lawal Habeeb Oyebanji, 20-02-2019
You're the best

Atitebi Yusuf , 11-02-2019
Love it

Emmanuel Samuel Ajiji, 11-02-2019
Ipayartime is the best

Umukorophilip, 09-02-2019
I love it

Umukorophilip, 09-02-2019
I live it

Ajewole, 09-02-2019
It is a life saver. Kudos to the site creator and initiator

Otojanehwe Solomon, 08-02-2019
It's nice... I love it

Omokinwa Akorede, 02-02-2019
nice and easy site, i hope to transact more with this.

Abdulrahman Saidu, 01-02-2019
Very good and thanks you

Mba Chioma , 01-02-2019
Very excellent

Jonathan Kefas, 30-01-2019
It's just awesome, thank you

Michael Samuel, 30-01-2019
Very good

íѕhαku Muhαmmєd Chαnα, 27-01-2019

Muhammad Umar Umar , 26-01-2019
Your services are interesting

Patrick Isaac, 24-01-2019
Its fast and reliable but needs to be improved on the number of times you can use a sim a day

Emealih Caleb, 20-01-2019
To be honest am enjoying it...atleast for now

Bright Otuya, 20-01-2019
Nice Work

Onyekere Ifeanyi, 19-01-2019
That limit on withrawal is not cool at all

Munzali Muazu, 19-01-2019

Munzali Muazu, 18-01-2019
Is something so interested and has a clear vision on everyone thank you

Akpobome Francis, 18-01-2019

Abi Joseph, 17-01-2019
Really interactive

Obasanya Elijah Idowu, 17-01-2019

Eyefia Emmanuel , 17-01-2019
Is the best

Shehu Umar Farouk, 16-01-2019

Ejenake Festus , 16-01-2019

James Adikwu , 16-01-2019
Very good.

UDEME UWAH, 15-01-2019

Abdulrahman Ahmad, 15-01-2019
Very transparent business

Olaniyi Blessing , 14-01-2019

Emmanuel Ugwu, 14-01-2019

Ugwu Innocent, 14-01-2019
Nice work

Emmanuel Ugwu, 14-01-2019

Godwin Okpe Ugwu, 14-01-2019

Ugwu Innocent, 14-01-2019
Nice work

Godwin Okpe Ugwu, 14-01-2019
Very nice thing

Bright White Otuya, 11-01-2019

Macaulay Edesiri, 10-01-2019
It so nice

Shikaleke Freeborn , 09-01-2019

Jinad Taiwo Hassan, 09-01-2019

Ebomah Justice, 06-01-2019
i withdrew some money into my bank account and have not received it yet...may i know why?

Ojedapo Elijah Taiwo , 02-01-2019
Good service

Instant payment, very good. But please review my verification to increase my withdrawal limit. thanks.

Obodo Collins , 30-12-2018
I appreciate

KHALID AHMED, 26-12-2018
Best Ever have

Israel Dainel, 23-12-2018
, good

AIFEGHA JOSHUA, 18-12-2018
This the best platform ever ,texted and trusted

Nweji Samuel Nwaji , 17-12-2018

Ayoro Mary Elooghene, 14-12-2018
very good

JOSHUA FRIDAY, 14-12-2018

Akpokovo Oke, 13-12-2018
Am really enjoy the service

Okoyor Jirhaye Godwin , 12-12-2018
Quick and trusted

What a nice service, you people are trustworthy and legit. Keep it up

Oluwagbemisola, 11-12-2018
Nice website... I enjoy it

Adjarho Deborah, 10-12-2018
good.. but it's hard to verify, my account has not been verified since yesterday

Umukorophilip, 10-12-2018
I love it

Quadri Balogun, 10-12-2018
I mistakenly make a deposit request.

My Own , 10-12-2018
Very nice

Shikaleke Kesiena F, 10-12-2018

Tayo Emmanuel Ogunbiyi, 09-12-2018
You are the bast... Keep the good job up.. God will bless you all.

Mohammed Baba, 09-12-2018

Agofure Francis, 06-12-2018

Tubo Stephen, 06-12-2018
Amazing Platform, i wish i found you earlier

Okeowo Segun, 04-12-2018
An excellent service

Okeowo Segun, 04-12-2018
An excellent service

Clinton, 04-12-2018

OKORO NWABUEZE, 03-12-2018
I love it instant in terms of deposit and withdraw of funds

Nwabia Kelvin, 03-12-2018
Nice service and quick payment

Tunde Ola, 03-12-2018

AHMED MOHAMMED, 02-12-2018

Miubarak Ismail, 30-11-2018
I'm glad to say you are the best Airtime convert into cash in the world. Thank you

Ale Victor Tobi, 30-11-2018

Ipayairtime is totally reliable compare to others.

Abdulmalik Rabiu, 26-11-2018
It is nice platform

Abdulkadir Muhammed Sani, 26-11-2018
Superb, keep it up

Abbas Hamza Ukasha, 25-11-2018
But why business account took time before deposit of airtime appear on wallet?

Michael Osakede, 23-11-2018
Very fast and reliable service, am impressed

Salami Oluwapelumi Samson , 23-11-2018
Good service..

Tobi Seriki, 20-11-2018
I like it

Emmanuel Harry Harry , 20-11-2018
Soft work

INYAMA, 20-11-2018

Sanni Adedayo, 17-11-2018
This is awesome, at first I thought they gonna rip my airtime, to my surprise it real. 👍

Inaya Samson , 16-11-2018
Very fast in processing

Abdullahi Rusa, 16-11-2018
This is a wonderful work and make life easier, but our issue is the transaction fee 15% is high. Try 10% and see traffic

Ihekanandu Chinonso Seth, 16-11-2018
So far so good, the service has been excellent. You guys should work on increasing the threshold for non verified account, not everyone has a valid means of identification yet

Muhammed Khamis Alimakolo , 16-11-2018
Just cool I'm speechless

Analike Chinaza Vivian , 15-11-2018
This is the most excellent app I have experienced... Keep it up... Try to reduce the charge to 10% I will appreciate it more

ABUBAKAR AMINU, 15-11-2018
The most fantastic apps, I like it much

Athora, 13-11-2018
You are the service so ever..... Keep it up.

Happy, 12-11-2018
Very nice I'm enjoying it

Olusoga Boluwatife, 12-11-2018
Nice exchange app

Asaolu Akingboye Peter, 09-11-2018

Lawyer Richard Azubuike , 08-11-2018

Service efficiency is very good... But charges of 15% is too high

Nasamu Bright Edward, 07-11-2018
your Service is Excellent keep it up

Shamsideen Uthman, 04-11-2018
The app is very good, fast and reliable

David Kelvin Tarfa, 01-11-2018

Olasehinde Ezekiel, 29-10-2018
In fact so great .....I love it

Lawan Hashimu Ibrahim, 29-10-2018
U are the best

Ewherido Ese Paul , 28-10-2018
Very efficient. Keep it up. 5 stars

OLAJIDE ABIOLA, 24-10-2018
Good, but charges is much

Suleiman Usman , 24-10-2018
It is very good and I really enjoy using it

Power Philip, 23-10-2018
Love this app

Asohro Akpovoka , 23-10-2018
I love this site very much

Ahmad Mohammed Saleh, 23-10-2018

Ahmad Lawan Saleh, 23-10-2018
Very excellence

Okiemute Frank, 21-10-2018
I love it wow

Mohammad Sank Abdullahi, 21-10-2018

Dauda Mohammed Jibrin , 20-10-2018
It awesome nyc site.... 👌

Jibrin Mohammed, 20-10-2018

Hafiz Abubakar, 20-10-2018
It was Awesome

Bello Muhammed Tijjani, 19-10-2018
Really appreciate your services

Abduljalal Isah, 19-10-2018

I really appreciate your services

UMAR Abubakar, 16-10-2018

Agbogu Harrison , 15-10-2018

Zahraddeen Abubakar Bello, 14-10-2018

Adam Muhammed Gambo, 14-10-2018

Adam Muhammed Gambo, 14-10-2018

Adam Muhammed Gambo, 14-10-2018

Adam Muhammed Gambo, 14-10-2018

Adam Muhammed Gambo, 14-10-2018

Abduljalal Saidu Maina, 14-10-2018
Excellent and hard working

Ibrahim Buba, 13-10-2018
Excellent good job

Ibrahim Buba, 13-10-2018
Excellent good job

Ibrahim Buba, 13-10-2018
Excellent good job

Ibrahim Buba, 13-10-2018
Excellent good job

Aminu Abdulrahman, 13-10-2018
Am happy

Muhamnad Anas, 13-10-2018
Its very interesting and helpfull tnkx alot

Aliyu Anas, 12-10-2018

Zakariya Tahir Bala , 12-10-2018
I'm very happy to meet this platform

Abdullahi Zaharadden Riruwai, 11-10-2018
Very interesting and easy way to convert airtime to money

Esther Lawal, 10-10-2018

Okoh Mercy, 10-10-2018
Pls reduce the fee

Helen Kunamon, 10-10-2018
Excellent work here, the developer must be very talented. The automation is real good.

Muhammad Anas, 05-10-2018
It good keep it up

Emmanuel OGIRI C, 03-10-2018

Ojo Ayodeji, 03-10-2018
I love it

Ahmed Muhammed, 02-10-2018
At First I thought it was scammed, so I made a transfer of N1000 immediately I received a message that my Ipayairtime account has been credited and when I request for transfer I immediately received alerts message what a excellent service

Umar Mohd, 01-10-2018
Very reliable services I ever come across in Nigeria

Best David, 30-09-2018
Thanks for your service

Haruna Alhaji Musa, 26-09-2018
The charging fee is to high

Ezeibeanusi Victory Chidiebere, 26-09-2018
Make room for change of alternative bank acct

AbdulGafar Muhammad Tatabu, 26-09-2018
I am impressed!

Sadiq Ibrahim, 25-09-2018

Omar Bayya, 23-09-2018

Muhd Bayya, 23-09-2018
nice love it

Khalifa Faruk, 22-09-2018
Beyond expectations

Ibrahim Habu, 22-09-2018
Ibrahim amaryawa

David Emmanuel Esson, 19-09-2018
You guys are doing a nice job. Everything is simple and fast. I love transacting here...

David Emmanuel Esson, 19-09-2018
You guys are doing a nice job. Everything is simple and fast. I love transacting here...


ALHASSAN AHMED, 12-09-2018

Awotidoye Adekunle James , 11-09-2018
Really good work. Keep it up

Awotidoye Temitope , 10-09-2018
Best airtime exchange site ever. Pls reduce the charge rate to 10% if possible .Thanks

Aminu Muhammed Jamiu, 09-09-2018
This is the best converter of airtime so far, I love it.

Aminu Muhammed Jamiu, 09-09-2018
This is the best converter of airtime so far, I love it.

Aminu Muhammed Jamiu, 09-09-2018
This is the best converter of airtime so far, I love it.

Aminu Muhammed Jamiu, 09-09-2018
This is the best converter of airtime so far, I love it.

Aminu Muhammed Jamiu, 09-09-2018
This is the best converter of airtime so far, I love it.

Oluwasegun Adesina, 07-09-2018

Victor Austine, 05-09-2018
I love this platform, it easy to use

Please reverse your percentage to what it used to be.

Kingsley Oviemuno Oyibojabo, 30-08-2018
Incredibly speedy service, no other like it, but please increase the max deposit per day for personal

Owolabi Alade, 30-08-2018
Good... But the charges are much

Paul Michael, 27-08-2018
I comment u Excellent.

Olugbami Segun, 24-08-2018
The service is verybgood

Azeez Abdul Onimisi, 23-08-2018
You guys are extremely wonderful, I love this site

Ibekwe Mark N, 19-08-2018
I have been searching for an online conversation of airtime to cash all this month till I stumble ipayairtime and give them a try. Oh my God they are absolute wonderful fast and straight forward. Kudos.

Oluwafemi O. Sodeinde, 19-08-2018
your service is very good compare to others, but increase in the deposits percentage can make chase your customers away. anyway, Bravo!

Areo Olamide David , 17-08-2018
It's wonderful! I loved it.

Saidu Ahmed Tijjani, 16-08-2018
Impeccable and fast.

John Opila, 16-08-2018
This is a perfect service. Efficiency at 100% keep it up!

Abu Samuel, 15-08-2018

ThankGod Tom, 15-08-2018
Very good service

Great job

Musa Babawanchiko, 14-08-2018

Ekomobong Uduakobong Nyong , 14-08-2018
Great service render,,, Excellent customer service!!!

Isah Festus Itopa, 12-08-2018

Mohammed Musa, 11-08-2018

Mohammed DANJUMA , 11-08-2018
Great work

ABUBAKAR MUSA, 10-08-2018
The app is great

Elijah Eyeruroma, 10-08-2018
Excellent job

Very fast and reliable

Opayemi Oyewole John, 10-08-2018
So excellent...

Ozokafor Ebuka Benjamin, 10-08-2018

Oyibo Jacob, 09-08-2018
Nice one

Hassan Alhaji Umar, 08-08-2018
Thank you

Usman Mohammed, 08-08-2018
Very appreciate

Aliyu Abdulkadir, 08-08-2018
Nice work may God bless you

Yahaya Adamu, 07-08-2018

Babawanchiko Musa, 07-08-2018

Muhammad Muhammad , 07-08-2018
Great job

Ahmed Mohammed, 07-08-2018
Great work

Agbata Dickson Ukolojo , 07-08-2018
Nice work, initially when I was introduced to ipayairtime I thought it was a scam; I love your works.

Daniel Miracle Yisa, 05-08-2018

Ahmad Baba, 04-08-2018
Excellent app indeed

Kingsley NC, 03-08-2018
good and fast

Elibe Dickson Sunday , 01-08-2018
Great, absolutely good. Excellent

Ibrahim Alhaji Baba, 01-08-2018

Samuel Temitayo, 01-08-2018
Your rate is great but I would like you to reduce the bank transfer fee to something like #20, if possible remove it totally. Thanks

Elohor Kindness, 31-07-2018
Your services are good but the 60naira for withdrawal should be removed please

Kamalu Bello, 31-07-2018
So far, your service is impressive

Kayode Olatunbosun Samuel, 30-07-2018
This is nice innovation. But try and reduce the charges

Ohueyi Enero Razaq, 30-07-2018
Infact i dont know, my God will bless u guys. I realy appreciate for this good move.

Akinyemi Jamiu, 30-07-2018
I am quite how fast my transaction was done. To me, IpayAirtime is the best in converting airtime to cash.

Yahaya Abubakar Ndako, 30-07-2018
Your service is very good and recommendable

Odetayo Kolawole Ahmed, 30-07-2018
Superbly best

Abubakar Ahmadu NdakoGarba, 28-07-2018
It is very nice doing business with this site

John Nwoko , 28-07-2018
Fast and convenient

Clement Iniobong Kennedy, 28-07-2018

Nsikak Sunday Ekeruke , 26-07-2018
You are the best keep it up

Hamza Yakubu, 25-07-2018
very Good

Salihu Salihu Nma, 24-07-2018
It's very nice and we'll recommend

Okelade Abiola, 24-07-2018
Its mine

Power , 23-07-2018
Wow I love this service thanks alot

Ogaga, 23-07-2018
Nice work

Okodaso Jonathan , 21-07-2018
Wow nice work God bless

Okodaso Jonathan , 21-07-2018
Wow nice work God bless

Onyekachison, 21-07-2018

Fagbemi David, 19-07-2018
Fast and easy

Iheme Ifeanyi, 19-07-2018
The service is awesome, especially how fast you get to deposit and withdraw. 100% recommended

Okolie Ifeanyi Emmanuel, 19-07-2018
I Love this app

Dunmoye Gideon, 18-07-2018
Nice one

Umar-Mann Abubakar , 15-07-2018
It's nice using I pay airtime

Audu Danlami , 14-07-2018
Nice experience. Keep on

Irenmwinfo Daniel Nosa, 13-07-2018
So reliable

Samuel, 13-07-2018
So good

Beneth Onyenaonwu, 12-07-2018

Idris Tolulope John, 12-07-2018
Very wonderful and reliable

Ogunbiyi Isaac Temitope, 07-07-2018
you too god

Sayyedi Abdulkadir, 07-07-2018
The charges is too much

OlayiwolaTemitope O. , 07-07-2018
Very luvly jst dat the 60 naira charges is too much. Kindly adjust

Kelechi, 04-07-2018

Stanley Osas Okuonghae, 03-07-2018
This service is great I love ipay

Awe Oluwadamilola, 01-07-2018
Good but extend transfer limits per day to like 30,000

Odewole Damilare Micheal, 30-06-2018
Nice one

Mansir Uzairu, 29-06-2018
I really enjoy your site

Awe Oluwafemi, 27-06-2018
Its awesome but try and improve on transfer límites per day

Henry Obumneme Dominic , 27-06-2018
You guys are really amazing, I got lots of more buiz.

Popoola Ramon Oluniyi, 27-06-2018
Genuine and reliable... Love your service but you can reduce the 10% deposit charge

Umeh Simon Chio, 26-06-2018
good but your charges of 10% is much bcoz there are other charges in the process!

Salihu Abdullahi , 22-06-2018
The service is excellent honestly I really appreciate your services thank you very much.

Yahaya Mustapha , 22-06-2018
Its cool

Asagbra Uwomano Joel, 21-06-2018

Daniel Godwin , 15-06-2018
Honestly this plateform is awesome. I was sceptical about them but now am convinced about them. Great Deal!!!

Abdullahi Musa, 15-06-2018
Very good, but the transfer charge is to much

Abdulrahaman Adamu, 13-06-2018
Its good to have you

Owoeye Peter Olushola, 12-06-2018
it has been lovely and fast

Agunbiade Ademide Michael , 08-06-2018

Ikani Bright , 08-06-2018
Very good keep it up

Auwal Yusif, 08-06-2018
I am really enjoying the services

Adesetan Olumide Banji, 07-06-2018

Raphael , 07-06-2018
I love the service

Yakubu Ayuba, 07-06-2018

Isah Hassan, 06-06-2018
Your service is good but the charges is too high.. If you can reduce it will help.

Eseosa Abosede Aladejobi, 06-06-2018
Innovative. Thumbs up to you bro.

Yasir Adamu, 05-06-2018

Awe Oluwafemi, 04-06-2018
It's awesome and fast

Awe Oluwafemi, 04-06-2018
It's awesome and fast

Nice one

Sylvester , 02-06-2018
I really enjoy your platform, you guys are wonderful keep it up

Toru Asoki, 02-06-2018
I give you guys 5 Star rating.

Azeez Yekeen Adesina, 02-06-2018
The services is well pleased, but the interest is very high

Elene Stanley, 02-06-2018
Perfect service I love the speed in delivery please keep it up

Uruemuesiri, 02-06-2018
I love d service

Abiodun Fakoya, 01-06-2018
Very good

I so love the platform, pls keep it up.

Abu Adakole, 01-06-2018
Awesome and fastest service ever used

Okita Ogbu Godwin, 31-05-2018
It's ok

Ndarubu Isyaku, 31-05-2018
It is an lovely app

Anietie, 31-05-2018
Nice work

Benedicta , 31-05-2018
This I pay is legit and nice

Asaolu Titilope Yemi, 28-05-2018
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Great!!!!!! Thats what i want to say for now. Kudos!

Osaze Glory Omoanreghan, 28-05-2018

Itadare Olakunle Julius, 28-05-2018
It's always okay

Bulama Burah, 28-05-2018

Akase Bernard Bunde , 26-05-2018
So far so good, I describe it as being innovative. But the only problem I have with the system is the charges, don't you think the charges are too much?

EDEH VICTOR, 25-05-2018
Its a great one. Kudos to Ipayairtime


Mohammed Abubakar , 23-05-2018
Reduce ur charge charge rate

Phillip Muriana, 22-05-2018
Best services ever in the country

Usman Emmanuel , 19-05-2018

Aladerokun Elizabeth Olatoyosi, 19-05-2018
This app is great. I give this App 1001 Stars

Yusuf Akanbi Ismaila, 18-05-2018
Good Service...i was credited within minutes!

Henry Simon Nandom, 16-05-2018

Haruna Alhaji Musa, 16-05-2018
Is a good platform so far but the charging rate is my problem

Ogunola Bolanle , 12-05-2018
U are doing a very great job 😘. Thanks

Idris Umar, 09-05-2018
Excellent but reduce the charges is very cost

Adamu Sobowale, 06-05-2018
You are the best site with good service ever... Please keep the good job up ↑↑↑↑↑↑